Why I am getting mood swings? Hormones?

Do you have a hot body, hormonal issues or a warm skin ?  

Ayurveda explains that these are commonly seen when the body is over active due to incresed Pitta.

What is Pitta? What is the best practice to get back into my healthy and happy life ?

Ayurveda categorises people into three categories based on their systemic physiology

  • Vata: Active nervous system, respiratory and skeletal system
  • Pitta: Active digestive, endocrine and integumentary system
  • Kapha: Active muscular, adipose and renal system


Strengths of a Pitta Person

  • Warm body
  • Focused and organised
  • Precise and direct
  • Excellent leadership and business skills
  • Like processes and regulations
  • Questioning mind


Pitta Increasing Diet

Constant use of following diet causes weakness of Pitta

  • Hot Chili and garlic
  • Acidic fruits like citrus and lime.
  • Vegetables like nightshades bell pepper, capsicum, chili, eggplant and tomatoes.
  • Beverages which increases acidity like black coffee, alcohol.
  • High sodium dietary ingredients like seafood, sea salt, ketchups, processed meat, shell fishes like prawns,
  • Daily consumption of red meat


What changes you will you see in a weak Pitta?         


  • Signs of inflammation: increased skin temperature, aches and pain, swelling, redness
  • Craving for particular food like chocolate etc.
  • Acidity: litmus paper will not change colour to green with urine ph.
  • Difficulty to lose body weight
  • High irritability and temperament
  • Too judgemental and stressful life feeling
  • Hungry and acidic stomach
  • Irritable bowel and inflammatory bowel



How to neutralise Pitta?

Alkalising the body is the best method of neutralising the body. Drink plenty of coriander seed boiled water. Taking extra cooling fruits like apple, pear, mangoes, banana and green veggies like beans, broccoli, cabbage and other leafy veggies, helps to balance Pitta and regain your strength. Soft protein like lentils, healthy carbs like sweet potato also helps to balance Pitta


Consult with your doctor @ 0470 169 933 for detailed information before making a decsion.



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