Dr. Bosco Paul


BAMS, Dip RM, Cert. IV TAE



About Our Doctor

Dr Bosco Paul (BAMS, Dip RM, Cert. IV TAE) is an Indo-Australian Ayurveda Doctor and Trainer. Currently residing in Adelaide, Dr Bosco has a great love and passion for practicing, promoting and teaching the principles and philosophies of Ayurveda to the Australian community.

Born to a middle class family, in the Indian southern state of Kerala, "the home of Ayurveda", Dr Bosco was always surrounded by the teachings and practice of Ayurveda throughout his upbringing. Informal teaching of the knowledge of this 5000 year old medical system started at home and the use of herbal remedies and treatments was a daily practice. His love and passion for Ayurveda continued and needless to say it was a natural transition for him to pursue formal training in Ayurveda at the University of Kerala. Dr Bosco completed a Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery from the University of Calicut and was awarded Ayurveda Acharya from the University.

After graduating, Dr Bosco worked with Moss and Nambi families, AstaVaidya's and other Vaidyas for learning specific specialized knowledge and skills as well as completing Clinical Aspects of Hatha Yoga from Gurus of Kerala. He has past work experience as a Medical Officer in Indian systems of medicine in Kerala.

Dr Bosco specialises in the treatment for neurological and digestive system diseases, male and female infertility, headache and pain, and psychological and emotional imbalances.

For the past seven years Dr Bosco has lived in Adelaide, South Australia. He has been teaching students in Ayurveda and remedial massage. Having produced excellent Advanced Diploma and Certificate 4 Ayurveda graduates from theses Australian registered organisations, he is thrilled to see that the knowledge and practice of Ayurveda is being acknowledged, practiced and respected in western society.

Dr Bosco is a practicing Ayurvedic doctor, Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant and Panchakarma Specialist for Ayurveda retreats. He runs regular workshops on management and preventative aspects of diseases and has been heavily involved in creating resource materials for Ayurveda training program in Australia.