Ayurveda Cooking and Health uses of spices

Be empowered by gaining knowledge and an understanding of Ayurveda principles through this interactive, hands-on Cooking Workshop. You will learn about correct preparation of ingredients, food combining and how to incorporate Ayurvedic nutrition to help you attain and maintain your optimum digestive health.

  • You will learn :
  • Introducing Ayurveda in your daily meal preparation
  • Acidity versus Alkaline - Attaining the right balance
  • Using culinary herbs and spices for Therapeutic purpose
  • Healthy meals can be tasty – enhance the taste and digestion of your food using herbs and spices

Ayurveda Massage - Therapeutic

Massage is an essential practice to maintaining good health. Using the knowledge and wisdom of Ayurveda you will learn how to give yourself and your loved ones a highly beneficial oil body therapy. During this one day Massage Therapy Course, you will learn basic massage techniques to increase Prana (energy flow) and improve circulation. Using this ancient technique, you will learn how to keep your body, mind and spirit in perfect balance and harmony.

  • You will learn :
  • Introduction to Ayurveda
  • Importance of Massage practice in daily life
  • Benefits of different oils in massage practice
  • Ayurveda Massage techniques and sequences

Workshop on stress management - based on Ayurveda principles

Stress is a common word we hear from our clients when they come in for their initial consultation. Many people are struggling to gain a sense of balance and well-being. This one day Stress Management course, based on Ayurveda principles, will give you your own tool box of practical, holistic practices to help regain your sense of balance, harmony and focus in your life.

  • You will learn :
  • Principles of Ayurveda and Meditation
  • Practice of Ayurveda Meditation in daily life
  • The power of being present
  • Management of the Mind

Lifestyle Practices for strong immunity

Chronic health disorders develop after many months and years of the body functioning in a state of imbalance. Using the ancient knowledge and practices of Ayurveda we can begin to turn these imbalances around. By changing your lifestyle habits and routines you can increase your immunity and state of well-being without the use of drugs and vaccines. The root causes of all disease are improper diet, unhealthy daily practices and routines as well as the incorrect use of the mind. Ayurveda teaches us how to improve the balance and state of our mind and body in order to experience the real potential of our life.

  • You will learn :
  • What are the signs of a healthy body
  • Principles of Ayurveda - Rhythm of life
  • Practice of Ayurvedic routine in our busy life
  • Maintaining a healthy body mind and Self

Yoga and Mindfulness

Yoga is the sister science of Ayurveda. Both Yoga and Ayurveda take a holistic approach to good health and well-being. This Yoga and Meditation workshop is an introduction on how you can incorporate mindful techniques to help reduce stress and attain balance in your life. You will learn basic yoga asanas (posture), Pranayama techniques (breath work) and meditation methods that you can incorporate into everyday living.

  • You will learn :
  • Principles of Yoga and Meditation
  • On the Mats - Practice of asana stretching
  • Eight levels of yoga practice
  • Deep level mindfulness - Meditation Practice

Ayurveda Marma Points

Marma are the Vata energy points in the body. According to the ancient scripts of Ayurveda, there are 107 Marmas identified which are used for healing practice and therapeutic use. If blocked and congested, Marmas can lead to pathways of disease through the channels within the body. Learning how to release these essential energy points of the body will help to energize and heal.

  • You will learn :
  • Introduction to Marma points (107)
  • Therapeutic use of Marma points
  • Practice of Marma massage
  • Marma Massage techniques and sequences

Indian head massage and organic beauty therapy

Indian head massage is a globally popular relaxation practice which has many health benefits. This is commonly practiced in remedial massage clinics, spas and hair salons and can be easily incorporated to any beauty and relaxation therapy.

  • You will learn :
  • Origin and Practice of Indian Head Massage
  • Therapeutic use of head massage
  • Marma Massage techniques and sequences
  • Organic herbs and facial therapy