Panchakarma Treatment in Adelaide – Five Cleansing Therapies


I would like to know more about Panchakarma

Welcome to your PanchaKarma treatment at Ayur Health – Ayurveda Clinic in Adelaide.

It is a truly a wonderful gift that you have given yourself by dedicating time and effort to your own health and well-being by undergoing PanchaKarma treatment. You have given yourself an incredible and in today’s day and age, a rare opportunity to calm the mind, to allow the body to detox, repair and rebuild and to take a positive start towards attaining your optimum state of health and well-being. It is an opportunity to start anew, a time to transform your old patterns, to let go of what doesn’t do you well and to make some real positive changes.

Please take some time to read through the information below so that you can best prepare yourself for your treatments.

The Panchakarma program will be selected by your doctor based on your illness and body constitution. During this process you may experience varying physical and emotional reactions, take the time to observe your thoughts and activity of the mind and note the shifts and changes that may occur within the physical body.

Tranquillity of mind and body is very important during Panchakarma. It is advised to get plenty of rest during PanchaKarma, avoid strenuous exercise, sexual intimacy, late nights, loud music or television and other such stimulating activities.

It is advised to practice gentle yoga and daily meditation during the course of Panchakarma keep all other forms of exercises to a minimum. It is also important to take particular care to maintain warmth of the body and protect yourself from wind, excessive sunlight or any extreme temperature changes.

Correct diet is crucial to gain the optimum benefits from your treatments. Maintain a light, moist, nourishing balanced diet leading up to, during, and after Panchakarma treatment. As a general rule, fill the stomach 1/3 food, 1/3 water, 1/3 space. Do not eat unless you are hungry, in other words only eat when your appetite is high.  Eat very slowly, chew your food extremely well and eat small quantities.  Drink teas made from coriander, fennel or ginger.




What should i expect During Panchakarma

During the Panchakarma your body will be undergoing various psycho-physiological changes. So it is important to be aware of these changes that you can reduce some anxiety.

Listen your body and find out the changes within. You can share your experiences with your doctor and he will support if something disturbs you. You may have some emotions come up, like unexplained sadness, joy, or anger. This is a natural part of the detoxing process. We will work with you to gently unravel these emotions.

Losing some body weight: It is quite natural that the body elimination is more during the Panchakarma period. Due to excess metabolism and controlled diet, you will experience some level of tiredness, which you will be able to manage without any procedure. You may experience more elimination of stool and urine output during this period. This will help to lose some body weight each day. Our Ayurveda doctor will assist you for this transition and moving towards a healthy lifestyle.      

Sleep:  Some clients experience disturbances in the sleep because of changes in the routine and diet. Also body will take time to adjust with the changes in the physiology. It is recommended not to read long time just before sleep. You may feel sleepy in the day time but it is very important that you do not sleep at day hours. Ayurveda recommends you to go to bed at night 9.30 and wake up at 6am. You can inform your doctor if the disturbance of sleep is consistent and he will recommend changes in the herbs and treatment for better sleep.

Diet: Throughout your treatment it is essential that you eat a light, well balanced, vegetarian diet. You will gain most benefit from eating freshly prepared, seasonal and organic foods which are tri-doshic in nature. Only eat when you are hungry and drink plenty of warm water and herbal teas. Avoid caffeine and alcohol.


Lifestyle: Ideally it is good not to work on the day of Panchakarma as you will experience some tiredness and lightness of the body after detox process. Protecting yourself from cold and stressful environment is very important. Our practitioner will guide and explain you on this matter in details during the process of Panchakarma.      


What should I expect after Panchakarma treatment 

The week after Panchakarma is recovery period. At this time body will be changing back to its normal routine. This period is critical and you must take the herbal recommendation from your Ayurveda doctor.  Your energy may be low for a few days.  Only increase activity accordingly to your energy and come back to normal life after 8 more days.

  • Daily Routine: A daily routine is absolutely necessary to bring positive, long lasting balanced changes to the body, mind and consciousness. Routine helps to establish harmony in one’s constitution. It establishes rhythm of your biological clock, aids metabolism, and generates positive self-esteem.
  • Activity: gradually and consistently come back to your normal routine activities and exercise.
  • Diet: you are advised to continue a similar dosha diet during recovery time. Rice soup and cooked vegetables and soaked lentils are the best for lunch and dinner.
  • Self-Massage: apply warm sesame oil on the joints daily is very effective during consecutive days after two weeks of Panchakarma.
  • Fluids: drink at least 4 cups of warm herbal water each day.

When Can I do my next Panchakarma?:


Your next Panchakarma can be done every six to twelve months, your doctor will assist you to confirm this based on the need of your body and health. This is to enhance the physiology of the body.  Classical books of Ayurveda recommend that maximum benefit from Panchakarma occurs when treatment is performed on a regular, pre seasonal change, or two to three times per year. If you cannot take the time to do a full Panchakarma retreat, then regular Ayurvedic treatments to maintain mind, body spirit balance is highly recommended. Please consult your Ayur Health doctor or practitioner for your personalized recommendations.

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