Who We Are

Who We Are


Ayur Health is an established Ayurveda Clinic in Adelaide, South Australia, with branches widespread across the city. Ayur Health is bestowed with qualified and well experienced doctors in Ayurveda who care to treat and provide a better life for all our clients. We believe in nature’s healing power and resorts to natural products when it comes to deal with an illness. Be it your body or mind that is uncomfortable, we will work with you to improve or make better your condition. By adopting treatment schedules based on yogic practices, meditations and ayurvedic treatments, we are devoted to provide our clients with a rejuvenated body and mind.


Dr Bosco Paul BAMS.RM.TAE

Dr Bosco is our fully qualified Ayurvedic doctor and founder of Ayur Health. He has extensive knowledge and experience in the practice and teaching of Ayurveda. Dr Bosco has been worked in India and Australia specializing in neurological and hormonal disorders, chronic and acute pain management, skin and immunity care and Panchakarma, Dr Bosco’s passion for helping others to regain their health, strength and vitality through the practice of Ayurveda is evident in his work and involvement with the local community as a lecturer and co-ordinator of AAA South Ausrtalia

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