Ayurveda In Modern Society

Lifestyle Consultation

At Ayur Health we offer individual Lifestyle Consultations that provide tools to create an optimal state of health, strength and vitality. We nourish, cleanse and rejuvenate both body and mind with simple Ayurvedic practices which are performed with care and devotion by our dedicated qualified staff.


Following your consultation we review your unique health and dietary history, your inherited traits, individual characteristics and current concerns, before making a comprehensive assessment of your health. You will then receive your own personal recommendation plan. This plan will provide you with recommendations, including yoga, exercises, diet, lifestyle practices and daily routine to bring mind and body back into balance.


Ayurveda is a way of life that flows with the changes of seasons, weather, time and place and teaches dietary and behavioural adjustments according to individual needs. Following Ayurveda practice we move from a state of imbalance (Vikriti) and return to a state of good health and happiness (Prakriti).

Spiritual Wellness


Through the implementation of yoga, exercise and healthy, nutritious diet, Ayurveda cures many health conditions. Ayurveda aims to keep the physical body healthy, so one can pursue spiritual goals. It balances body and mind so that the individual may flourish spiritually. Ayurveda sees disharmony as the root causes of diseases. Healing always involves the cultivation of harmony between body and mind. Practices such as eating in peaceful environments, aromatherapy and colour therapy, regular sleeping routine, meditation, yoga and body massages are essential in creating harmony with peace of body, mind and spirit.

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