Ayur Health Speciality Clinics

Two of the eight branches of classical Ayurveda deal with surgery, but contemporary Ayurveda tends to stress attaining vitality by building a healthy metabolic system and maintaining good digestion and excretion. Ayurveda also focuses on exercise, yoga, and meditation.

Ayur Health speciality clinics are

Women’s Health


  • PCOD, uterine fibroids, chronic leuchrorrea & UTI etc.
  • Female infertility problem diagnosis and treatments
  • PMS – Effective treatments to premenstrual tension to post menopausal issues.
  • Post delivery mother care and special body care treatments.

Herbal Beauty

  • Nourishing Herbal Facial.
  • Wrinkle Free Facial and Acne Herbal Facial
  • Hair fall and Dandruff Treatments.
  • Herbal Henna and Herbal Body Scrub.

Headache Treatment

  • Chronic Migraine Treatments.
  • Sinusitis Treatments.
  • Chronic allergy Treatments.
  • Rhinitis Treatment.

Anxiety Disorder

  • Effective treatment for stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Counselling and mind relaxing therapies.
  • Meditation and Yoga.
  • Psychological related problems treatments.

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